The Animator's Survival Kit

Agant Ltd. / Faber & Faber

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I was Lead Developer for The Animator’s Survival Kit iPad app, created with Oscar®-winning animator Richard Williams. This app was featured by Apple in the reference section of the US App Store, and currently has a 5-star average user rating.

“…uses the full capabilities of the iPad’s processing power and screen to deliver a visually stunning, entertaining and enthralling masterpiece.”

Discworld: The Ankh-Morpork Map

Agant Ltd. / Random House

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The first ever Discworld app, and the first ever living, breathing map of an entire fantasy city.

I created the Artificial Intelligence engine for the official Discworld app, developed in partnership with Terry Pratchett and Transworld Publishers. This involved building a complete map of an entire fictional city for citizens to navigate, and creating a custom behaviour engine to control their movement around the streets.

“…there's no doubting the craft that's gone into this first official app for Terry Pratchett and his novels.”

Timeline World War 2

Agant Ltd. / Ballista Media

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The future of history for iPad, presented by Dan Snow and Robert MacNeil.

For the Timeline World War 2 with Dan Snow app, I created a desktop content management tool to extract raw content from Quark Xpress files and convert it into an app-ready format. I also created a custom video player for archive Pathé footage, enabling multiple commentary tracks to be selected and broadcast via Apple’s AirPlay technology.

Live match-day coverage and the latest information for Arsenal fans on the move.

As Lead Developer for the official Arsenal FC app I was responsible for integrating Arsenal’s data feeds with an onboard content database, and creating custom UI views to present this data to the user.

QI (Quite Interesting)

Agant Ltd. / Faber & Faber

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The official QI app - guaranteed to make your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch really quite interesting.

I was responsible for making the QI app VoiceOver compatible. This allows visually impaired users to still be able to navigate and explore the content of the entire app.

The official iPhone app to accompany Alan Partridge's autobiography.

As Lead Developer, I was involved in all aspects of the apps creation from the initial technical meetings with the client, to liaising with their design team and finally creating the app which included, among other features, a fully animated tape player for playing back Alan Partridge's voice memos.

Harry Hill's Joke Book

Agant Ltd. / Faber & Faber

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Harry Hill's Whopping Great Jokes - now available in a handy app for all the family!

As Lead Developer, I was responsible for taking the 967 audio jokes recorded by Harry Hill and creating a joke telling engine.